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Hi fellow owner of a digital agency, If you’re like me, you can’t spend every day of the week traveling to meet and close business with clients in your hometown. I met with each of my first 24 clients face-to-face before completing the deal. I worked hard and delivered doughnuts to help break the ice. But soon, that was no longer logical… I needed to start growing my business, but I just didn’t have the time to continue prospecting locally.

I also discovered that the clients that would wind up spending $20–$100,000 with me annually weren’t normally the kinds of companies I would encounter in my community. The issue was that the majority of those giving lectures on how to develop an agency into something meaningful lacked… well… credibility. I became dissatisfied and worn out after purchasing every course and program known to man on how to start and expand a digital firm. I then made the decision to alter my approach at that point.


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