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Do you want to launch a successful online store offering printable digital files? You’re in luck if so! We have a fantastic method that will walk you through every step and enable you to create a lucrative business that pays you $10,000 per month. Here is a list of what you will receive:The first part of “The Digital Printable Business” by 10k Feet.

This part will give you a thorough rundown of the entire method and teach you how to create an internet store that generates $10,000 per month by selling digital printables.

Part 2: Finding an eager market for your digital printed. You’ll learn how to recognize legitimate prospects before you even begin creating your first printable. By using this technique, you may save time and effort while ensuring that there is a market for your goods and that sales are being made.

Part 3: From scratch design of stunning 1–10 page digital printouts. You will learn how to make beautiful downloads in this area that will not only please your consumers but also meet their demands. The cost of joining the program is more than ten times what this knowledge alone is worth.

Part 4: The sales page for digital printables. You’ll learn how to create a three-page website in just one day so you can sell your digital printables with ease and avoid the trouble of manual fulfillment. While you relax and accept payments, your consumers may purchase your goods whenever they want.

Part 5: An explanation of targeted digital printable traffic. Discover the precise tactics we employ to promote our digital printables and make sales every day of the week.

The 10k Digital Printable Blueprint is part 6. The exact steps to take from making your first sale to earning $10,000 per month are laid out in this section. You’ll learn how to reach this goal in fewer than 90 days.

Ben’s own “Digital Printable Starter” Canva template is the first bonus. Access the same template that Ben uses to produce fresh digital prints for various markets. You’ll save time and kick-start your business with the aid of this incentive.

Ben’s Private “Digital Printable Sales Website” Template is the second bonus. Get hold of Ben’s three-page website design so you can sell and deliver your own digital prints without having to perform continuous upkeep. Your sales process will become more streamlined and effective as a result of this supplement.

Ben’s “Digital Printable Sales from Everywhere” System is the third bonus. Learn about three other places where you can easily sell your digital printables. By extending your audience and boosting your sales potential, this will put your business into overdrive.

By enrolling in our program, you’ll receive all the resources and training required to launch and grow a profitable digital printable business. Don’t pass up this chance to convert your love of art into a successful internet business. Join today to begin your path to financial independence!


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