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Antoine grew up in Washington D.C., raised by a loving family and instilled with a strong work ethic and a deep appreciation for quality and integrity. From an early age, he developed an affinity for real estate, learning from his grandfather and even taking on a job at a local corner store at the age of nine. After graduating high school, he planned to become a real estate agent, but the market crash of 2008 changed his plans and he took a job in a hotel for seven years. Despite the setback, he never lost sight of his goal to be a successful real estate entrepreneur. His unwavering commitment to his family and his own ambition gave him the fuel to push forward and go above and beyond in his craft. To this day, he continues to strive towards his goals and pursues new, innovative ways to stay ahead of the game.

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What You’ll Learn in VA Mastery:

My “Dream Team” employee structure to scale up the business
Using KPI’s to predict revenue and hit your goals
My “Core 4” Marketing Process
How to hire and train an acquisitions manager, dispositions manager, and more
How to stay compliant with the Do-Not-Call list
Our high converting seller script
Who to hire and where to find them
How to avoid high turnover with your calling agents
How to train new callers in less than a few hours
How to cut cold calling lead costs down by 50%
What to pay your calling agents
Setting income goals to determine how many calling agents to call
Target numbers for your agents to hit on a weekly basis




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