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The most thorough and current manual on email marketing automation is Andre Chaperon’s Autoresponder Mania 3.0. This comprehensive course and membership website teaches you how to utilize email automation to boost conversion rates, optimize client lifetime value, and improve the efficiency of your marketing initiatives.

20 in-depth video courses make up the Autoresponder Crazy 3.0 curriculum, with a total viewing duration of 20 hours. The lessons cover a wide range of topics, including choosing an email service provider and creating sequences that turn leads into paying clients. You’ll discover how to make customised, targeted email automation sequences that are appropriate for every phase of the client experience.


Also, a full membership website with extra materials, lessons, and extras is included with the course. You will gain access to a collection of well crafted email templates and an often updated list of email subject line suggestions. Also, you’ll receive a free subscription to the Autoresponder Crazy Slack group, where you can connect with other email marketers and ask questions.


The Autoresponder Crazy 3.0 curriculum also comes with a plan and checklist for email marketing automation, a comprehensive look at email segmentation, and instructions for creating opt-in forms with a high conversion rate. Everyone wishing to advance their email marketing, from novices to seasoned pros, should enroll in this course.


Autoresponder Crazy 3.0 is the ideal training to advance your email marketing, regardless of your experience with email marketing automation. You’ll get everything you need to start utilizing email automation to improve your conversion rates and enhance your client lifetime value with its thorough video training, complete membership site, and additional resources.


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