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Controlling Cash Value and Profit Master is an effective tool that, by evaluating data and offering recommendations based on tried-and-true techniques, may assist companies in navigating through economic ups and downs. The creators of this cutting-edge software are financial analysis and cash flow management specialists Alan Miltz and Joss Milner.Renowned statistician and business leader Alan Miltz has devoted his professional life to educating others about the value of comprehending financial statistics. Using his well-known catchphrase, “Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, and Cash is King and Queen,” Alan highlights how important cash flow management is to attaining sustained success.

Alan has shared his knowledge of the financial side of business management as a co-author of Verne Harnish’s best-selling book “Scaling Up”. According to him, running a business is similar to running a sports team in that both require teamwork and communication in order to achieve the intended goals.

Alan was a co-founder of Inmatrix, the business that created the popular Optimist software, in 1998. More than 500 banks worldwide now use this software as the industry standard, which helps them maximize their financial performance. With the successful sale of Inmatrix in 2009, the company solidified its position as the industry leader.

More recently, Alan co-founded Cash Flow Story, an application that makes financial analysis easier for those without a background in finance. Managers and business owners may evaluate and improve their company’s profit, cash flow, and value with the help of this user-friendly software. Thousands of organizations have already benefited from Cash Flow Story’s assistance in better understanding their financial data and making wise decisions.

In addition to being a business coach and professional accountant, Joss Milner leads Cash Flow Story as CEO. Since 1997, he has collaborated extensively with Alan Miltz, with whom he co-founded Inmatrix and Cash Flow Story. Having advised many people and been on the boards of many companies, Joss has a plethora of expertise in cash flow management and financial research.

Joss is passionate about helping businesses improve their valuation, cash flow, and profit, just like Alan is. He is a proponent of developing simple techniques that make it easy for managers and owners to understand their financial data. Businesses may make smart decisions to propel their progress and obtain insightful knowledge about their financial performance with Joss’s experience and advice.

To sum up, Alan Miltz and Joss Milner’s Managing Cash Profit and Value Master provides a comprehensive solution that helps firms sustain strong profit margins even in the face of economic changes. Thanks to their wealth of knowledge and experience, Alan and Joss have developed an effective tool that helps companies evaluate their data, make wise decisions, and improve their bottom line.



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